Loss of Utilities


While all utilities companies strive to maintain their services, from time to time there are events that interrupt that service.

Things to do in a power outage:
Check with your neighbours to see if they have electricity.

  • If it is a neighbourhood power outage, unplug all appliances to avoid damage from a possible power surge when the power is restored. Shut off all lights except one to signal the return of power. Shut off computer equipment.
  • If your service has been interrupted contact FORTIS (310-9473); see link to Emergency Phone Numbers.
  • Report all downed power lines to FORTIS and 911. Remember - downed wires are live so stay away from them.
  • Turn on your battery powered radio and tune it to a local radio station.
  • If your home is the only one in the neighbourhood without power, the problem could be in your residence. Contact FORTIS or a certified journeyman electrician for assistance.
  • Natural gas furnaces Contact ATCO for information, 1-800-511-3447 or a certified journeyman plumber/ gasfitter.
  • Be aware that food in freezers may thaw during extended power outages.
  • Do not use the telephone during a disaster situation; you may tie up the phone lines.
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