In some emergency situations it may become necessary to leave your home or business and move to a safe location. Planning ahead will help you cope.

Officials will make every effort to keep people informed if they are located in an area that is at risk. This may be done through telephone alert, local media or through door to door contact by emergency services personnel.

Preparing to Evacuate:

  • Make arrangements for pets. Animals will not be allowed in reception centers.
  • Listen to a local radio station for the location of reception centers. (Reception Centers are centrally located evacuation locations)
  • Follow the instructions provided by local authorities. Emergency Telephone Numbers are to be used only for emergency situations.

Things to do When Evacuating:

  • Vacate your home when advised - ignoring a warning may jeopardize your safety.
  • Wear season appropriate protective clothing and comfortable walking shoes.
  • Leave a note for your family saying when you departed and where you went.
  • Take your Family Emergency supply kit 
  • Lock your house.
  • Follow the routes specified by officials. Do not take shortcuts.
  • Notify your Family Contact of your location and condition.



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