BESC is currently looking to fill a Health & Safety Administrator/Administrative Assistant position. This is a part time, 21 hours per week, 24 month contract position. The job is posted on Indeed. Application deadline September 17, 2021.

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Most of the Beaver Emergency Services Commission policies are available here.  If a policy you are interested in is not available please contact the administration office.

Policy List

1.6 Board Reimbursement

2.3 Fire Permit Policy

2(A) Stubble Burning (Un-harvested crops)

3.2 Drug & Alcohol

4.1 Vacation Policy

5.1 General and BESC Holidays

6.2 Personnel Overtime

7.2 Leave of Absence

8.1 Association Dues for Management

9.1 Payment of Accounts

10.1 Unbudgeted Expenditures

11.1 Social Media

12.4 Fee for Services

13.2 Emergency Incident Reporting

14.3 Purchasing

15.1 Employee Compensation

16.1 Administrative Procedure Employee Compensation

17.1 Regional Fire Chief Performance Appraisal Process

18.0 Employee Performance Reviews

19.0 Moving Cost AllowanceMoving Cost Allowance

20.2 Position/Job Descriptions

21.1 Surplus Capital and Budgetary Reserves

22.1 Administrative Procedure Respectful Workplace

23.2 Fire Service Awards Years of Service

24.1 Health and Wellness

25.1 Fundraising/Donations

26.1 Operating Reserve

27.0 Conflict of Interest

28.0 Public Health Emergencies

29 not in use

30.0 FOIP Personal Information Security

31.1 Retention of Documents

32.0 Employee Code of Conduct

33.0 Preamble

34 not in use

35.0 Occupational Health and Safety

36.0 Computer and Technology Acceptable Use

37.0 Budget Development

38.0 Tangible Capital Asset Financial Reporting

39.0 Green Light Policy

40.0 Late Payment Fees

41 Disposal of Assets

42 Complaints

43.0 Board Code of Conduct

44 Presentation Requests to BESC Board

45 Workplace Violence Prevention

46 Workplace Harrassment Prevention






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