Commission Board

The Beaver Emergency Services Commission directors are appointed by the member municipalities.

The 2021-2022 Board members are:

Commissioner Gene Hrabec ( Deputy Reeve Beaver County  Division 3) Chair
Commissioner Deb Dueck (Mayor Town of Tofield)      Vice Chair  
Commissioner Lionel Williams ( Beaver County Councillor Division 2)
Commissioner Dale Pederson (Beaver County Councillor Division 5)                  
Commissioner Nola Wood-Herrick  (Village of Ryley Councillor)          
Commissioner John Markel (Village of Holden Councillor)           
Commissioner Cindy Lefsrud (Town of Viking Councillor)

The 2021-2022 alternate board members are:
Commissioner  Barry Bruce (Beaver County Councillor Division 4)
Commissioner Larry Tiedemann ( Town of Tofield Councillor)
Commissioner Nik Lee (Village of Ryley Mayor )
Commissioner Milt MacGregor (Village of Holden Deputy Mayor)
Commissioner James Buttner ( Town of Viking Councillor)

Regular board meetings are held the second Wednesday of each month and are open to the public


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